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Project Description

Cool Port Oakland entails the development and operation of a temperature controlled transload and distribution facility to maximize use of the Port’s road, rail, and shipping network to increase the import and export of perishable food products.

The project, during the first phase of expansion (Phase I), involves the construction of an approximately 280,000 square foot state-of-the-art refrigerated transload and distribution facility and supporting rail infrastructure on approximately 25 acres (Phase I) of Port land located adjacent to the Port's Joint Intermodal Terminal (JIT), which is centrally-located within the Port complex.  The Developer has the option to expand its operation on an additional approximate 15 acres of land (Phase II) adjacent to the Phase I site.

The facility constructed under Phase I development will operate in full compliance with governing regulations of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Additionally, the facility will provide electrical plug-ins for most containers, solar or fuel cell technology for power generation, natural gas power for yard trucks, and the use of natural refrigerants to reduce potential hydrochlorofluorocarbon releases, which can be damaging to the ozone layer.

The facility is projected to process 9,000 rail cars per year in Phase I (18,000 inbound and outbound), translating into 36,000 containers.  An additional 9,000 containers are projected to move via truck.  Total twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) volume in Phase I based on this container throughput is projected at 54,000.

The project is funded primarily through private investment through Cool Port Oakland, LLC (comprised of Lineage Logistics, LLC and Dreisbach Enterprises, Inc.); although the rail infrastructure will be partially funded by the Port and additionally offset through State grant funding.  Cool Port is responsible for the full build-out of the site, although the Port will be responsible for building the rail infrastructure. Phase I construction is projected to commence in April or May of 2017 (at an estimated total cost of approximately $90 million) with the facility operational by summer of 2018.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 Development


 Pia Franzese

Senior Maritime Project Administrator

(510) 627-1154 -  pfranzese@portoakland.com

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