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Message from the Maritime Director

John Driscoll Maritime DirectorOur vision at the Port of Oakland is to be the preferred gateway for global trade and transportation. A project in the heart of the Port is helping us realize that vision. Working with one of the world’s leading industrial real estate developers, we’re building a Seaport Logistics Complex. The first building will rise on 27 acres near our marine terminals. It will adjoin our new $100 million railyard. It will give Oakland new capabilities unmatched by competing U.S. ports. The Seaport Logistics Complex will be the key to our future.

CenterPoint Properties is our esteemed partner in this project. The firm is a global leader in developing real estate then managing it. In Oakland, CenterPoint is building a $52 million, 440,000-square-foot logistics hub. The facility will specialize in speeding containerized cargo to final destination. Its location – where ships, trucks and trains converge – is optimal. There’ll be no wasted time or expense in moving containers. It’s also unique. No other American trade gateway has land available to develop such logistics capabilities within its footprint.

The Seaport Logistics Complex will help the Port of Oakland grow by attracting additional cargo volume. That’s good for our business. Just as importantly, however, it’ll be good for our community. We’re creating hundreds of new jobs through this project. And our CenterPoint Partners have committed to giving local residents first shot at the work.

With growth comes responsibility. It’ll be our job to manage added cargo volume so that it doesn’t negatively affect neighboring communities. We’ve got programs in place to keep truck traffic and diesel exhaust emissions in check. Those programs have significantly reduced congestion and emissions in the past decade. We’ll enforce them vigorously to ensure we don’t backslide.

The Seaport Logistics Complex is the cornerstone of our work at the former Oakland Army Base. We inherited 240 acres at the decommissioned Base 15 years ago. Ever since, we’ve envisioned a logistics campus that would distinguish us in the trade and transportation sector. The vision is now reality. We’re building our future. The result will benefit our customers, business partners and neighbors.

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