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Heavy Weight Corridor

On March 30, 1993 the Oakland City Council passed Ordinance No. 11568 which allows the Chief of Police to designate new roadways for the movement of heavy containers. This is to enable additional facilities to have access to Port marine terminals. For more information, please review the listed documents.

- Joint City/Port Heavy Container Permit Program (PDF)
- Special Port Vehicle Permit (PDF)
- West Oakland Truck Route Brochure (PDF)

In order to serve a facility that is not on the current heavy container route, a trucker or trucking company must contact the Oakland Police Department’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Detail by phone or in writing:

Oakland Police Department

Traffic Operations-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Detail

2651 73rd Ave

Oakland, CA 94605


with a copy to:

Director of Public Works

Public Works Department

1330 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612


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